5 Best United States Road Trip Honeymoon Ideas

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5 Best United States Road Trip Honeymoon Ideas

5 Best United States Road Trip Honeymoon Ideas
Planning a honeymoon is always fun and imagines a relaxing time to sit back with your new spouse and sunbathe in each other's company. While this is an exciting daydream, the idea of choosing where your honeymoon will really be can be overwhelming - there are just so many different places to go! One option that allows you to see a variety of places is a honeymoon on the street. There are so many fun places to explore here in the United States, so if you want to experience an adventure, this can be the perfect honeymoon option for you! Here are five different excursions that you can take in the States depending on which part of the country you want to explore.

New England Road Trip

If you want to explore different places but don't want to travel too many kilometres, a New England Roadtrip is the perfect choice for you. You can drive up and down the area, visiting so many different attractions and beautiful places. Visit a farm in Maine and explore the gentle mountains of Vermont, the beaches of Connecticut and the bustling city of Boston in Massachusetts. This is a great option for almost any season of the year. In winter you can explore these wonders and even ski. In spring and summer, visit the coastal towns for a lobster roll and beautiful sea views. In autumn you will love to enjoy the foliage and sunbathe in the mild temperatures. This area is filled with New England charm, no matter what season you visit it, and offers many shopping opportunities, shows, culture, cuisine and history. There's definitely something for everyone in this small area of the country!

California Coast Road Trip

California is a huge state and planning a road trip up and down this coastal region is the perfect way to enjoy some time with your new husband or wife. Consider Napa or Sonoma for wine tasting, visit L.A. to sunbathe, or visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. You can also take a trip to a castle - Disneyland, of course! There's something for everyone in California, from the vibrant big cities to the beaches with wide views to the small charming towns.

National Parks Road Trip

America is filled with the beauty of nature and the national parks of our nation are a great way to enjoy this. This is a great option for any couple who love adventure and nature. Visit Joshua Tree National Park, where you can observe cacti or even visit a climbing group. Another good option is to visit Death Valley, where you can do a palaeontology tour. Finally, visit Yosemite National Park for hiking, cycling and horse riding. You'll really appreciate all the beauty and beautiful views.

The Sunshine State Road Trip

If you want to go on a trip that is partly road trip, partly beach holiday, look no further than to explore the sunshine condition: Florida! There is so much to do in this state, from Everglade tours, where you can see alligators and other animals, to theme parks, cities and beautiful beaches. You can also really get an island feeling from this trip, as you can end up in the southernmost point of the states, Key West! Use this part of your trip to sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail on the beach.

Wild West Road Trip

There is so much to discover in the western region of the country that it is the perfect candidate for a road trip destination. Start in New Mexico, where you can explore Carlsbad Caverns National Park, visit the UFO Museum and get to know Santa Fe's culture and attractions. Next, visit Albuquerque, an old-fashioned city with cobbled streets and beautiful historic churches. Your next stop is North Colorado. After enjoying mountain views and other unforgettable sights, drive the Million Dollar Highway through the San Juan Mountains, part of the Rockies. There you'll see historic mines and you'll really end up in awe of all historical, vast and absolutely breathtaking things.

A road trip honeymoon is undoubtedly one that allows you to get a lot for your money and see a wealth of different areas and cultures. 

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