8 Business Travel Tips from Frequent Fliers

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8 Business Travel Tips from Frequent Fliers

8 Business Travel Tips from Frequent Fliers
Traveling on the job might sound like a fun way to see the world, but too much of it can take a serious toll on your health and well-being. In fact, a recent study suggests links between frequent business travel (those with more than 14 nights away from home per month) and health risks such as a higher body mass index (BMI), anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.1 

Whether you work in the travel and hospitality industry or are just going on a one-time work trip, staying healthy and content should be your priority. Follow these eight frequent flier tips for a more comfortable experience the next time you travel.

Join Airline Loyalty Programs

If you do a lot of air travel, you likely have a particular airline you travel with most. Make sure you’re taking advantage of any free loyalty program offered. From free snacks to airline miles and upgraded flights, loyalty programs aim to benefit brand loyalists.

Embrace Aisle Seats

The window seat is undoubtedly appealing for sleepers, but you’ll have more freedom and possibly even more room in an aisle seat. Especially with longer flights, the benefit of not having to bother your seatmates to use the restroom or stretch your legs can come in handy.

Bring Your Own Amenities

Don’t get stuck without your own comfort accessories like a travel pillow, eye mask, snack, extra layer of clothing and quality earbuds or earplugs. You’ll have exactly what you need and won’t risk the airline running out or charging you for extras. 

Use Theft-Prevention Bags

Many of today’s modern travel accessories, like hands-free shoulder bags, under-clothing money belts or slash-proof packs, include theft-prevention features like RFID-blocking technology and locking compartments for your money and valuables.  

Make Copies of Your Documents

Screenshot your digital boarding pass and carry digital copies your ID and itinerary. In case you lose your wallet, having the customer service numbers for your bank and credit cards will also come in handy.

Be Polite

There’s no room for a rude traveler in a busy airport or on a long flight. Everyone, including your seatmates and the airline staff can benefit from courteous travel. Remember to say “thank you” and always mind your manners.

Ask Nicely

It doesn’t hurt to ask for extra airline perks when you’re on the ground or in the air, especially if you’re inconvenienced in any way. If your flight gets delayed or if your seat gets bumped, a “goodwill” perk such as free meal coupons, overnight hotel stays or flight vouchers can come your way.

All you need to do is politely ask an airline representative if they can do anything to ease the problem. If you experience an involuntary flight bump, make sure to know your rights and when you’re entitled to compensation.  

And, If You Want Access to the Lounge…

If you have the right credit card, you can typically access a cooperating airport lounge at no extra cost. If not, most airlines offer day passes for a fee, or you could politely inquire about access to the airport lounge. You never know what could happen unless you try!

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